Asbestos Removal from Hotels

According to the Las Vegas Sands officials, the asbestos removal process and demolition of the Tom O’Shanter Motel and Vagabond Inn was completed on Friday.

Removing asbestos from these buildings took a total of 19 days and cost somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million. The asbestos removal process was the first step towards preparing the property for the Sands’ new project, a 3,000 room resort known as the Venetian Phase II that should cost $1 billion and will be located at the corner of Sands Avenue and the Strip.


This story is only one of the many examples of what needs to be done to remove asbestos from the Strip and the downtown Las Vegas area. This is one of the main challenges developers are currently facing.

Asbestos was used in the construction of the Binion’s Horsehoe might be an issue since the property is up for sale. Asbestos removal could slow down the reopening process and make the renovation and redevelopment costlier.

According to environmental consultants, most of the old hotel and casinos that can be found in Las Vegas were built with asbestos. Last year alone, a total of 32 notices of abatement program were filed through the Clark County Department of Air Quality Management by operators.

This is a real issue for the less profitable hotels and casinos. This includes the Horseshoe since there is a high cost associated with redeveloping this property since developers have to comply with environmental standards and regulations since there are guidelines to follow regarding asbestos controls.

The Sands and other more profitable hotels do not suffer as much from the regulations that have to be followed and the high cost of asbestos removal.

Caesars Entertainment holds the record for most abatement noticed files with the county during 2003. This operator, along with other major players on this market are a good example of the many successful projects that were completed in compliance with asbestos removal guidelines.

According to a company spokesman from Bally’s, an abatement notice was filed by this company to remove asbestos from the ceiling of a small guest room.

The Las Vegas Hilton is taking a different approach by focusing on encapsulating asbestos instead of removing the dangerous material that was chipping off in the showroom.

The Caesars Palace filed three different notices to cover the work done in the entire casino area.

This large hotel and resort was already safe since 98% of the building did not contain asbestos. However, the company still had to file notices since this is the procedure that has to be followed whenever removal is performed. Asbestos abatement Perth should always be conducted by certified professionals.

Gary Miller is the compliance supervisor in charge of air quality management for Clark County. This professional explains that it is important to choose a company that is able to offer testing services and that will know how to comply with regulations regarding air quality whenever work is done on an old property. It is also best to choose a second company to perform the asbestos removal work.

The owner of the property or the consulting experts have to file notices if asbestos is found. The next step consists in implementing a program to make the building safer, which usually includes removing the asbestos.

There is a required identification program in place in areas where asbestos was used. This means contractors have to qualify in order to be able to work on properties where asbestos can be found. There are approved dump sites to dispose of this material, Headrick explains.

The vice president of the environmental division of Converse Consultants, Kurt Goebel, says that it is not necessary to remove all the asbestos present in a building during a renovation process. It is usually sufficient to remove asbestos from the areas that are being remodeled.

However, it is important to deal with the presence of this dangerous material before a renovation or demolition project can begin.

The time and amount of work required during the asbestos removal process varies from one building to another because this material was used more often and in larger quantities in older buildings.

Goebel also explains that some asbestos removal projects can be completed over a short period of time while others need to be completed in different stages.

Headrick says that a lot of owners are simply avoiding the asbestos issue entirely and refuse to deal with this problem in the older buildings they own.

She also says that this is not a wise decision since a single worker filing for a compensation claim would cause other claims to be filed, which would lead to the cost of the cleanup increasing quickly.

Brad Stone is the Executive Vice President of the Las Vegas Sands. In a recent conference call organized with a team of Wall Street analysts, Stone explained that the Sands was preparing the site as quickly as possible so the new resort can be completed within a brief time-frame.

Officials from the Sands have said that no issues were encountered while removing asbestos and performing the demolition process of the two hotels. Excavation is expected to begin within a short time-frame.

Asbestos is a material with fire retarded and soundproofing qualities that was used in building during most of the 20th century. It can be found in the exterior stucco some buildings are covered with, in ceiling tiles and in the insulation of most buildings that were built before the early 1980s.

Asbestos was banned in the late 1970s after it was found that this material was dangerous. The initial discovery was considered as an environmental disaster at the time and it was believed that containment programs would be extremely costly.

Corporate Event Timelapse – Warehouse Event

I just came across this amazing timelapse video of a corporate event set-up. Any event planner would know exactly what goes into these kinds of events, seeing it all come together in one timelapse video really brings the long drawn  out process all together.

The event was a Channel 7 event, possibly something to do with advertising partners. It looks absolutely amazing.

Enjoy it guys and leave a comment telling me what you think:

Sydney Hotels for Corporate Events

There are numerous hotels at Sydney that are easily found but what matters is the quality of the services provided at the said hotels. These are usually found depending with your taste, which is by star rating, interest or price.

Four Points by Sheraton

The Four Points by Sheraton Sydney, Darling Harbour is one of the excellent hotels in Sydney. It has had about one thousand four hundred and thirty nine reviews with a rating of 4.1 out of five star. About four hundred people look at this hotel every hour. It has a self parking that is well spacious and good looking.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

The Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel is an easily accessible hotel in Sydney because it would only take you a short walk from the airport’s arrivals and departure. It has lovely rooms and the staff is friendly. This hotel has had an approximate of one thousand, two hundred and forty reviews with around three hundred and fifty people looking at it online. It has had an excellent rating of 4.4 out of five.

Travelodge Wynyard

Travelodge Wynyard is also a hotel in Sydney that is good looking with a nice citation. It is located in the mid town. The staff is always helpful and the hotel itself is that place you ever want to be because it has got that clean environment. Travelodge Wynyard has a good rating of a strong 3.6 out of five with about two hundred and thirty people looking at it online. It has one thousand, two hundred and twenty genuine reviews so far.

Travelodge Hotel Sydney

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Rydges World Square

The Rydges World Square is a central hotel in Sydney with an ample staff, quick services, comfortable rooms and a nice Wi-Fi that makes the hotel very good. It has an excellent star rating of four and has had seven hundred reviews. There are always around two hundred people looking at this hotel online every hour. The size of the rooms is good. The Rydges World Square is a very friendly, attractive and comfortable hotel in Sydney.

Sydney has always been and will always be a nice place for visitors.

Travel Tips While You’re in Perth on Business

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. Whether you visit for a weekend or longer you will discover a number of Perth tourist attractions to visit. You can take a leisurely stroll around King’s Park and the Botanic gardens, see the sights on the open top bus tour or catch the ferry from the city, across the Swan River, to visit Perth Zoo. The Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tours allow you to see many of the sights of Perth easily. The bus stops at the Barrack Jetty, Perth Mint, King’s Park, Harbour Town, the Bell Tower and the Cultural Centre among other attractions. Indulge in a wine cruise along the Swan River, or visit one of the many wineries in the area on an organised tour for ease. Take a wildlife boat cruise over to Rottnest Island, taking in Millionaire’s Row, on your way to spot seals, dolphins and birds.

Boats, not your thing, but still want to find out more about the local sea life then you must visit the Aquarium of Western Australia in Hillary’s Boat Harbour. There are a number of activities just perfect for children. The SciTech Museum will entertain and educate for a whole day or longer. For fun and thrills the theme park is a must see attraction. A number of the museums in Perth are free to enter: Western Australian Museum, Aboriginal Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Perth Cultural Centre.

Tours around the Perth region take in a visit to the Pinnacles, into wine country or travel south to Mandurah. Public transport in Perth will enable you to visit many of the tourist attractions without a car. Caversham Wildlife Park is a great place to visit to meet koalas and kangaroos, as well as a variety of other Australian wildlife. At Caversham you can hand feed kangaroos, hold a wombat and meet lizards. Cohuna koala park is set in 14 hectares of natural Australian bushland just 40 minutes drive from Perth.

Whatever your groups interest and ages you will be sure to find interesting and fun things to do in Perth. Research online or visit the Tourist Information office and get advice and ideas. Most hotels and accommodation options in Perth will be able to offer you advice on the best tourist attractions to visit, and may even be able to help you with bookings for tours.

Perth is full of fun-filled activities for everyone!